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Rang De Basanti Minimalist Posters

The story of Rang De Basanti is told in two time zones. In the past , Aamir Khan cast as Chandrashekar Azad, Tamil star Siddharth as Bhagat Singh, Atul Kulkarni as Ramprasad Bismil, Kunal Kapoor as Ashfaqullah Khan and Sharman Joshi as Rajguru. The same actors were also seen in contemporary times grappling with the grammar of socio-political corruption.

This Minimalist poster is a tribute to the legendary and one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian Independence Movement.

Here are Collection of Rang De Basanti Minimalist Posters.

Seeding Revolution

Rang De Basanti Gun Farming

The Candle March

Rang De Basanti Awakening Candle

The Third Kind

Third Kind
The Third Kind

Plane Crash

Rang De Basanti Plane Crash

Past, Present & Future

Rang De Past Present Future

Ek pair past mein hai teh ek pair future mein hai … tabhi toh hum aaj pe moot rahe hain

Two Lives of Rang De Basanti


Two Time Zone

Rang De Basanti Two Sides

Rang De Plane

Rang De Plan

Generation Awakening

Rang De Basanti Eye Opening

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna

Sarfoshi Ki Tamanna

Meri Dulhan Toh Aazaadi Hai

Meri Dulhan Toh Aazaadi Hai

Meri Dulhan Toh Aazaadi Hai

Maut Ki Ungli

Maut Ki Ungli


DJ Rang De

Bollywood is always considered so over the top. Stories with epic proportions, larger than life productions and so much drama! So it was really interesting to stumble upon Akshar Pathak’s minimal Bollywood posters.

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