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Radha Krishna In Hinduism

Radha Krishna Hd Wallpapers

Radhakrishna In Hinduism represents the unique union of the goddess-gopi Radha and her beloved Krishna, two highly revered deities in the Hindu Vaishnavite tradition. Radhakrishna is not any romantic relationship or simply the combination of the feminine and the masculine: it symbolizes the soul seeking the Divine Love. From mythological to this technological era, Radha Krishna has always been symbolised as a benchmark of love. It is said that these two words in Indian history are never been taken separately. Whenever we talk about Radha, it is impossible not to think about Lord Krishna. It definitely compels to think at least once about the everlasting tale of love. They shared an eternal love with each other. Regardless of the fact that they never tied a nuptial knot together, they are worshipped together. Modern-day couples admire these pure souls most and make promises to each other to be like them. They are the representation of the purest bond, love, and emotions. There are several life lessons which young couples can learn from their story and implement it in their life to make their bond of love stronger and better. From the mythological days of the universe, Radha is known to be an avatar of Goddess Shakti and the most dedicated devotee of Lord Krishna, the avatar of Vishnu. Lord Krishna’s flute was enough to mesmerise her because she was madly in love with him.

Radha Krishna Hd Wallpapers

Radha Krishna Hd Wallpapers

Beautiful Radha Krishna Photo

Beautiful Radha Krishna Photo

Radhe Krishna

Radhe Krishna

Smiling Krishna

Smiling Krishna

Radhe Krishna Sitting

Radhe Krishna Sitting

Beautiful Lord Krishna Images

Beautiful Krishna

Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu and also a supreme god in his own right. A major deity in hinduism he is the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love and is one of the most popular and widely revered among indian divinities. Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year by Hindus on Krishna Janmashtami. They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero, and as the universal supreme being. His iconography reflects these legends, and shows him in different stages of his life, such as an infant eating butter, a young boy playing a flute, a young boy with Radha or surrounded by women devotees, or a friendly charioteer giving counsel to Arjuna.

Every image of Lord Krishna is beautiful and peaceful. Please find some Beautiful Lord Krishna Images and admire the beauty.

The Enchanted Melody of Krishna’s Flute

This intriguing portrait of Lord Krishna that shows his earnest expression so very well. More than just the usual ”cattle only” presentation, it’s a good concept and excellent artwork. Fine touches, as the bird resting on the cow’s head, and a butterfly as drawn toward His flute-music as are the swans. I wonder … what to me seems odd … that birds above Lord Krishna appear to be chased by a hawk (or an eagle) who has captured and killed one of their kind.

Beautiful Smiling Krishna

Beautiful Smiling Krishna

A Rare Conversation between Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna

Swami Vivekanand Rare Coversation

Naren (Swami Vivekananda) and Ramakrishna were two different poles altogether. It was an intellect vs rationality, educated vs uneducated, wealthy vs poor, logic Vs heart and no God Vs God. Naren went on to ask bountiful of questions before accepting Ramakrishna as his Guru.

Conversation with guru

Conversation between Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna

A rare conversation between Shree Ramkrishna Paramahansa & Swami Vivekananda

1. Time is a Running Deer

Vivekananda Questions – I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic.

Ramakrishna Answers – Activity gets you busy. Productivity makes you free.

2. Life’s Complexity

Vivekananda Questions – Why has life become complicated now?

Ramakrishna Answers – Stop analyzing life, it gets complicated. Just live it.

3. Slipping Happiness

Vivekananda Questions – Why are we then constantly unhappy?

Ramakrishna Answers – Worrying has become your habit. That’s why you are not happy.

4. Good V/s Bad

Vivekananda Questions – Why do good people always suffer?

Ramakrishna Answers – Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don’t suffer. With that experience, their life becomes better, not bitter.

Vivekanand Rare Conversation

5. Importance of an Experience

Vivekananda Questions – You mean to say such experience is useful?

Ramakrishna Answers – Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons.

6. A Confused Path

Vivekananda Questions – Because of so many problems, we don’t know where we are heading…

Ramakrishna Answers – If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Eyes provide sight. The heart provides the way.

7. Pain of Failures

Vivekananda Questions – Does failure hurt?

Ramakrishna Answers – Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.

Swami Vivekananda

8. Not-so-motivating instances

Vivekananda Questions – In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

Ramakrishna Answers – Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.

9. Mindset of People

Vivekananda Questions – What surprises you about people?

Ramakrishna Answers – When they suffer they ask, “why me?” When they prosper, they never ask “Why me?”

10. Life Results

Vivekananda Questions – How can I get the best out of life?

Ramakrishna Answers – Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.

11. Prayers Unanswered

Vivekananda Questions – One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

Ramakrishna Answers – There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

This is one of the gem conversations that happened between the two greats. Hope you found this motivating and interesting.

राई रा भाव राते बीत ग्या | जालौर के सोनगरा वीरमदेव जी

Jalore Songra

“राई दे दो सा…राई
आज आधी रात तक मुँह मांग्या दाम है सा
राई दे दो सा… राई”

ये बात है सन 1305 ई.की हैं। घुड़सवार नगाड़े पीटते हुए जालोर के बाजार की गलियों में घूम रहे थे। लोग अचंभित थे लेकिन राई के मुँह मांगे दाम मिल रहे थे इसलिए किसी ने इस बात पर गौर करना उचित नही समझा कि आखिर एकाएक राई के मुँह मांगे दाम क्यों मिल रहे हैं। शाम होते होते लगभग शहर के हर घर में पड़ी राई घुड़सवारों ने खरीद ली थी।

Jalore Fort

अगली सुबह सूरज की पहली किरण के साथ ही दुर्ग से अग्नि-ज्वाला की लपटें उठती देख लोगों को अंदेशा हो गया था कि आज का दिन जालोर के इतिहास के पन्नों में जरूर सुनहरे अक्षरों में लिखा जाने वाला है या जालोर की प्रजा के लिए काला दिवस साबित होने वाला है।

प्रातः दासी ने थाली में गेंहू पीसने से पहले साफ करने के लिए थाली में लिए ही थे कि अचानक थाली में पड़े गेँहू में हलचल हुई। फर्श पर पड़ी गेंहू से भरी थाली में कम्पन्न होने लगी।
दासी को किसी भारी अनिष्ट की शंका हुई। दासी दौड़ती हुई राजा कान्हड़देव के पास गई और थाली में कम्पन्न वाली बात बताई।

कान्हड़देव को अहसास हो गया कि हो न हो किसी भेदी ने दुर्ग की दीवार के कमजोर हिस्से की जानकारी दुश्मन को दे दी हैं। दुर्ग का निर्माण करते समय दीवार का एक कोना शेष रह गया था तभी संदेश मिल गया था कि बादशाह अलाउद्दीन खिलजी की सेना दिल्ली से जालोर पर कब्जा करने कुच कर चुकी है अतः आनन फानन में उस शेष बचे हिस्से को मिट्टी और गोबर से लीप कर बना दिया था। यह जानकारी मात्र गिने चुने विश्वासपात्र लोगों को ही थी।

औरंगजेब की सेना कई महीनों से जालोर दुर्ग को घेर कर बैठी थी लेकिन दुर्ग की दीवार को भेदना असंभव था। सेना इसी आस में बैठी थी कि आखिर जब किले में राशन पानी खत्म हो जाएगा तब राजपूत शाका जरूर करेंगे। तभी किसी भेदी ने जा कर सेनापति को उस दीवार के कच्चे भाग की जानकारी दे दी थी। भेदी को यह तो पता था कि किले की दीवार का एक हिस्सा कच्चा है लेकिन कौनसा यह पता नही था। मुगल सेनापति ने कयास लगाया क्यों न पूरी दीवार पर पानी छिड़क कर राई डाल दी जाये ताकि सुबह तक जो भाग कच्ची मिट्टी और गोबर से बना होगा वहां राई अंकुरित हो जाएगी और हमे पता चल जाएगा कि कौनसा हिस्सा कमजोर है।

कान्हड़देव ने दरबार लगाया, क्षत्राणियों को भी संदेश पहुंचाया गया कि आज मर्यादा की बलिवेदी प्राणों की आहुति मांग रही है।
“चेत मानखा दिन आया ,रणभेरी आज बजावाला आया
“उठो आज पसवाडो फेरो, सुता सिंह जगावाला आया”

रानीमहल में जौहर की तैयारियां शुरू हुई। इधर क्षत्राणियां सोलह श्रृंगार कर सज-धज कर अपनी मर्यादा की बलिवेदी पर अग्निकुंड में स्नान हेतु तैयार थी, उधर रणबांकुरे केसरिया पहन शाके के लिए तैयार खड़े थे। दिन चढ़ने तक पूरा दुर्ग जय भवानी के नारों से गूंज रहा था। इधर क्षत्राणियां एक एक कार अग्निस्नान हेतु जौहर कुंड में कूद रही थी उधर रणबांकुरे मुगलों पर टूट पड़े और गाजर मूली की तरह काटने लगे। नरमुंड इस तरह कट कर गिर रहे थे जैसे सब्जियां काटी जा रही हो।
“जोहर री जागी आग अठै,
रळ मिलग्या राग विराग अठै,
तलवार उगी रण खेतां में,
इतिहास मंडयोड़ा रेता में ।।”

Jalore Songra

मुट्ठीभर रणबांकुरे हजारों की सेना के आगे कब तक टिक पाते। पिता-पुत्र कान्हड़देव-विरमदेव की जोड़ी जैसे साक्षात महाकाल रणभूमि में तांडव कर रहे हो तभी अचानक पीठ पीछे से वार कर विरमदेव का सिर धड़ से अलग। युद्ध मे साथ आई मुगल दासी ने विरमदेव का सिर थाली में लिया और ससम्मान दिल्ली के लिए रवाना हो गई ताकि अलाउद्दीन खिलजी की पुत्री फिरोजा को दिए वचन को पूरा कर सके। सोनगरा का सिर दासी की गोद मे और धड़ रणभूमि में कोहराम मचा रहा था। दिन ढलते ढलते सभी क्षत्रिय रणबांकुरे मातृभूमि के काम आ चुके थे। लेकिन विरमदेव का धड़ अभी भी कोहराम मचा रहा था।

“आभ फटे,धर उलटे, कटे बगत रा कोर
शीश कटे धड़ तड़फड़े, तब छुटे जालोर”

तभी किसी ने कहा धड़ को अशुद्ध करो, सेनापति ने सोनगरा के धड़ पर अशुद्ध जल के छींटे डाले और धड़ शांत हो गया। मुगलों ने दुर्ग तो विजय कर लिया था लेकिन चारों तरफ लाशों और नरमुण्डों के ढेर पड़े थे। दुर्ग की नालियों में पानी की जगह खून बह रहा था। वीरान दुर्ग सोनगरा के बलिदान पर आज भी गर्व से सीना तान खड़ा हैं।

शाम के सन्नाटे में एक लालची सेठ अपनी राई बेचने निकला “राई ले ल्यो रे राई” पास से गुजरते सिपाही को पूछा “भाई आज राई नही खरीदोगे” सिपाही ने जवाब दिया

“राई रा भाव राते ई बीत ग्या भाया”

उधर विरमदेव का सिर लिए दासी दिल्ली स्थित फिरोजा के महल पहुँची और शहजादी के समक्ष थाली में सजा सोनगरा का सिर रखा।
फिरोजा ने जैसे ही थाल में सजे सोनगरा के सिर से औछार (थाल ढकने का वस्त्र) हटाया, सोनगरा का स्वाभिमानी सिर उल्टा घूम गया। फिरोजा ने अंतिम निवेदन करते हुए कहा
“तज तुरकाणी चाल हिन्दुआणि हुई हमें,
भो-भो रा भरतार, शीश न धुण सोनगरा”

“जग जाणी रे शूरमा, मुछा तणी आवत,
रमणी रमता रम रमी, झुकिया नही चौहान”

वीर विरमदेव जी सोनगरा का धड़ जहाँ गिरा था, वहाँ पर उनका मन्दिर बना हुआ है, सोनगरा मोमाजी के नाम से पूजे जाते है, तथा जालौर के हर गाँव मे सोनगरा मोमाजी के मन्दिर बने हुए है, हर घर मे उनकी पूजा की जाती है, दीन दुखियों को ठीक करते है, वाजियो को पुत्र देते है, तथा उनसे मांगी हुई हर मनोकामना पूर्ण करते है ।

Math Functions Dancing Moves

Math Dance Moves

Never forget how to graph mathematical functions again and let these dancing stick figures show you with their arms in this themed Math Teacher Dancing Figures Graphs notebook planner. Perfect funny gag gift journal or diary as a gift for an engineer, math or science teacher or fan, math, Calculus or engineering major student.

Math Dance Moves

When a mathematician dances

Now, let’s look at a number of mathematical functions expressed in dance notation

Math Functions Dancing Moves

Can we possibly play and dance and simultaneously learn maths? How can we dance based on mathematical notions? Geometry and arithmetics, fractions and analogies, symmetries and algebra, all come together to create choreographies and motion games. These are cartoonish depictions of several well-known mathematical functions and their curves, respectively.

The Parent Functions

Parent functions are the simplest form of a given family of functions. A family of functions is a group of functions that share the same highest degree and, consequently, the same shape for their graphs. The below fifteen parent functions must be memorized. You must be able to recognize them by graph, by function, and be able to sketch them.

The Parent Functions

1Win Sports Betting and Casino Games in India – Heights Odds


Description: This article contains all the necessary information about 1Win betting companies. This article also includes a detailed explanation of the mobile app and a step by step instructions for downloading and registering in the app. The article also talks about how to get a welcome bonus 1Win.

Brief Information About 1Win


Bookmaker’s office 1Win began its existence in 2018. It has been on the market for about 5 years and during this time this company was able to prove itself at the highest level. At the moment, 200 thousand users from all over the world, including residents of India, use the services of this bookmaker office. During its existence, the bookmaker one win was included in the top of the best bookmaker offices in the world, and its customers are confident in the safety of this bookmaker office.

1Win’s parent company is MFi Investments. It also cooperates with ITF, FIBA, and NHL. This company is headquartered in Cyprus. The company also holds a Curacao gambling license. This data shows that using the services of a betting company in India is completely legal and not prosecuted.

1Win users are presented with a huge selection of different bets and other activities, that is, everyone is free to choose what he likes best. The users are not limited in their choice: their way of earning 1Win varies in a large range. The main menu of the official 1Win website has the following categories:

  • Interactive sports betting;
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Unlike other bookmakers, 1Win offers its users a big welcome bonus for registering on the platform. Users all over the world choose this particular bookmaker’s office, as it has a number of the following advantages:

The convenient site and mobile application with filters to search for events. Users can immediately select the bets and events they are interested in and they will always be displayed on the main screen of the mobile application or the official site in the personal cabinet. This information can be changed at any time with a couple of clicks. Consequently, 1Win users always see all the necessary data in real time and can place a bet anytime.

Sections with match results and team statistics. In the mobile app and on the official 1Win website, users can follow the game in real-time in a separate section. Team statistics are also displayed immediately, so 1Win users will never miss an important goal or player change.

Daily leaderboards with cash prizes. These leaderboards contain all the necessary information about cash prizes so that 1Win users can get the prize they need at the best offer. It also contains information about the most active bettors.

Reload bonuses when making express bets. 1Win, unlike most other bookmakers, allows its users to use promotions and bonuses repeatedly, that is, the bonus after the first use does not disappear, and can become active again after a certain period. However, it should be noted that the welcome bonus is not a reload, that is, it is a one-time bonus.

Mobile Apps 1Win 2022

1Win has developed mobile applications for smartphones so that its customers can enjoy all the benefits anytime, anywhere. Mobile applications can be downloaded to devices running operating systems such as Android and IOS. Their functionality is similar to that of the official website: mobile applications have everything you need to bet, watch sports games or play casinos. The design of the mobile app is black and blue with white text. This design allows the user to enjoy the interface every second of using the application. The main advantage of using the mobile app is that users are not tied to a location and can open the 1Win app at any time convenient for them and make a bet. This is very convenient because a lot of time is spent, for example, in traffic jams, and the best way to pass the time is to use the mobile app. To work with the application the user needs to download it. The prerequisites for the effective work of the application are the Internet and a charged smartphone. For users from India, the mobile app has a nice bonus – the availability of the Hindi language. Other nice benefits of the 1Win mobile app are the availability of the following categories:

Pre-match and in-play lines. This function of the mobile application allows 1Win users to make bets both before and during a particular match. This is a very convenient feature, as 1Win client is not limited in the choice of bets. A special feature of the prematch is that the odds of these bets are mostly fixed but may vary in a small range. Live bets, in turn, have a wide range of odds fluctuations and they are credited with a delay.

Casino to play for free and for money. In the 1Win mobile app, users can have fun by playing free casino games. If the user has chosen to make money in the casino game, he can bet in cash and earn from it.

Promotions and tournaments. 1Win mobile app has a section with detailed information about all existing promotions and tournaments held among all users. Users of 1Win mobile applications can find out in real-time about the appearance of new promotions or the beginning of tournaments. Notifications can be set up in the app so that the user won’t miss the expected event.

Video broadcasts of popular events. In addition to summarizing the results of sports games, 1Win app users can watch the course of a sports game on their own. This is an excellent option for a pleasant pastime.

TV games with live dealers. In addition to classic betting and online casino games, 1Win users can take part in TV games with real dealers. This fact makes the game even more interesting and many 1Win users have already appreciated this feature of the application.

A poker room with cash tables and tournaments. The 1Win mobile app also allows its users to play poker and participate in poker tournaments. Poker lovers using this app have noted that the interface is very clear and playing poker at 1Win is convenient.

This is not the whole list of pleasant advantages of the 1Win mobile app. Each user will find for himself what he needs and it does not take much time, because the applications are created in such a way that even a beginner can easily understand them.

How To Register

1Win customers can register on the platform either through the official website or by using a mobile app. The registration process does not take much time, just a few clicks, enter the requested information, and you are already a full-fledged user of 1Win services and benefits.

If it is more convenient for a person to register from the official 1Win website, he needs to open the internet browser on his laptop. Then go to the official website. At the top in the right corner, there will be a green button that says “Finish Quick Registration”. A person needs to click on it and then the registration window will pop up. Here you can choose the most convenient way of registration: with the help of a cell phone number or through social networks. Registration with a valid cell phone number asks for the following data:

  • Actual phone number; 
  • Email; 
  • The password that the person will use to log in to their account. 

After entering the required information, a person should click on the “Register” button. After that, a message with a code or a link will be sent to the indicated email or phone number, which completes the registration process.

The user can also register using social networks, where he already has an account. To do this, select the desired social network from the proposed list, click on it, and then click on the “Register” button.

Welcome Bonus

1Win, unlike other bookmakers, gives its users a generous welcome bonus of 500%, which can reach INR 145,000. This bonus can be used for sports betting as well as for online casino games. The welcome bonus covers the first four deposits from the user. For the first deposit, 1Win gives a 200% return, for the second – 150%, for the third – 100%, and for the last – 50%. For this bonus to become active, the user must make single bets with a minimum odds of 3%. When winning a bet, the user receives 5% extra from the amount of the bet made.

Download 1Win Mobile App

The 1Win mobile app can be downloaded to both Android smartphones and iOS devices. The process of downloading the mobile application does not take much time, and after installing the application on your device, the 1Win client can fully enjoy all the benefits of the company’s platform. The requirements for the operating systems are as follows: Android version at least 5.0, and iOS version at least 9.0.


Your Android device must have 100 MB of free memory. To install the 1Win mobile app on your Android device, do the following:

  1. Access the official 1Win website from your smartphone;
  2. In the upper right corner, click the “Download Mobile App” button;
  3. Select the Android operating system and click “Download”;
  4. Go to your smartphone’s settings in the Security section;
  5. Allow downloading applications from unknown sources;
  6. Open the downloaded file and install the application.

After completing the installation process, the user can open the application, log in to their account and start betting.


Installing the mobile app on iOS is even faster than for Android smartphones. To download the app, you need to do the following:

  1. Access the official 1Win website from your smartphone;
  2. In the upper right corner, click the “Download Mobile App” button;
  3. Select the iOS operating system and click “Download”;
  4. The link will redirect you to the AppStore;
  5. Click the “Download” button.

Then you must wait for the installation process and after its completion, you can open the application 1Win on your iPhone or iPad.

Payment And Withdrawal Methods

1Win offers its customers reliable ways to fund their accounts and withdraw funds from their accounts via bank cards, electronic systems, and cryptocurrencies. 1Win also supports Indian bank cards and Airtel. The minimum deposit amount is INR 300. The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 500. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using popular methods such as:

  • PayTM;
  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Maestro;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • UPI.

Your deposit can also be debited from your phone balance. 1Win also works with two popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.


1Win provides its users with a round-the-clock technical support form, the specialists of which will answer all user questions within 1-3 minutes.

The 1Win support team can be contacted in three ways:

Live-chat. This support method is located directly on the 1Win website or in the mobile app. On the website, the support button is located in the lower right corner of the screen, it is small and is always on the screen, no matter what function the user performs. In the mobile app, you can also find Live-Chat in the menu. There you can write a question of interest and get a timely answer to it. 

Email. This type of support answers within 24 hours. Its peculiarity is that the user can write a detailed letter, in which he states his question, and the user can also attach pictures for clarity. An employee of the company will answer in detail and solve the problem of the user. Email 1Win – contact@1win.xyz.

Phone. 1Win support can be reached at 8 (800) 301 77-89. This phone number is available 24/7, so you can call at any time. An employee of the company will answer immediately and give you information on how to solve your problem. 


Yes. Using services of this company is legal in India because 1Win has a Curacao gaming license and it is headquartered in Cyprus.

What’s the best way to sign up for 1Win for Indian residents?

The method of registration using an existing account on another social network is most suitable for residents of India. You also need to select the currency INR.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

No, but only if the user has made a 100% deposit turnover. Otherwise, each withdrawal will be charged 15% of the amount withdrawn.

Birthday Countdown Ideas for Instagram

Birthday Countdown Ideas

Users of social media today are inundated with notifications all the time. We advise seizing opportunities to break through the cacophony whenever you come across them.

One of those methods is to use countdown icons for Instagram Stories. They deliberately position your content at the peak of the notification page for your audience. Even further, you can utilize countdown stickers to proactively promote profits for your startup firm. For more ideas, you can also read birthday quotes.

It goes without saying that there are a plethora of methods to use Instagram Stories to keep followers interested in your brand. When you use your countdown in conjunction with some other Instagram elements like link stickers as well as other action buttons, you can increase signups, sales, and more whether you’re announcing an event coming up or counting down to the release of a new product.

Birthday Countdown Ideas


The countdown sticker can be used for a variety of occasions in addition to business marketing. For instance, it can be used as a birthday countdown, any celebration countdown, awaiting any festival, etc. 

You may include Instagram action buttons by posting the countdown sticker on the Instagram story. Since they can participate, your IG buddies will also feel like they are a part of the celebration.

How to Create an Instagram Birthday Countdown

If you’re unsure how to post a birthday countdown on Instagram, let’s walk through a simple tutorial.


Install Instagram on your smartphone, then sign in.


To access the camera, swipe right.


Choose a picture from the camera roll or take a new one.


To access Instagram stickers, tap on the square smiley at the top of your screen.


Find the “Countdown” one by scrolling down and clicking on it.


Give your countdown a name. Enter “Birthday” or any other word or phrase you choose.


By pressing on the date, you may choose a birthday date. By turning the “All day” option off, you can add a specific time.


Click on the palette symbol at the top to add additional entertainment to your sticker. Every time you press the countdown, its appearance will vary.


To upload the sticker to your Story after you are satisfied with the details you have supplied, hit Done in the upper right corner of your screen.


Mention some acquaintances and include more amusing stickers to enhance the Story.


To post the story, tap the “Your Story” button.

Top Birthday Countdown Ideas For Instagram

With the help of Birthday Countdown for Instagram Story, you can tell compelling stories that take viewers on your celebration of someone’s birthday from the moment you start organizing the event until its conclusion.


Receiving birthday countdowns makes us all feel as special as receiving birthday wishes and gifts. It makes us feel special to see others being more excited than us on birthdays and reminding their social media friends about our big day. 

Use this list of amazing birthday countdown ideas for Instagram to make the special person in your life feel more special.

Does Wearing Yellow Sapphire Bring Good Fortune in Astrology?

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are found all over the world, and their coloration has long been associated with wealth, luck, and prosperity. The stone is believed to bring good fortune and happiness because they are a symbol of the Sun. The color yellow also represents warmth, light, and creativity. It is known as “the gem of kings,” so wearing one on your finger will increase your status as well!

When someone wears yellow sapphire or Pukhraj Stone jewelry, they can tap into this energy and achieve greatness through hard work. But, it’s essential to buy an authentic stone from a reputable place like GemPundit to enjoy its full effects.

The stone is representative of the planet Saturn, which can manifest itself in many different ways. Saturn is associated with the element of earth and its rulership over the houses that are ruled by Saturn are Pisces and Sagittarius.

Color Symbolism of Yellow Sapphire

The color yellow also represents energy and vigor and yellow sapphires are believed to be beneficial during times when you need energy or have too much energy being thrown at you from all directions – like if you’re feeling overwhelmed by work or family obligations.

Yellow sapphires are the most powerful gemstone in Astrology. It is thought that wearing it brings good fortune to all aspects of life. In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire Gemstones in Astrology.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

The color yellow is associated with success and happiness, which makes it a great stone to wear when you need help with your finances or career. Yellow sapphire brings you good luck when you are trying to find love or attract someone to you through astrology. It offers benefits like:

Improves Communication Skills

Yellow sapphires are one of the most powerful gemstones when it comes to communication. They are said to help you express your thoughts and feelings more clearly, helping you share your ideas and opinions with a clear voice.

The stone can also help with your ability to communicate with others by helping you express yourself clearly and effectively. You can get along better with others around you as well as improve your relationships with family members or friends who may have a hard time getting along together.

In astrology, wearing yellow sapphire stone brings good fortune in general, but especially for those who are born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are often described as being highly independent and self-motivated, which makes them especially adept at communicating their ideas without having to rely on others for the conversation. Their independent nature brings great strength in finding new ways of expressing their thoughts and ideas, which makes them great leaders in both business and personal life.

Keeps You Grounded

In addition to being a powerful stone for communication, yellow sapphire helps one feel more connected to their surroundings. It helps one feel more grounded in their environment and gives them a sense of stability while they are doing something that requires focus on something else outside of themselves such as reading or doing homework at school.

Ensures Complete Protection

In astrology, yellow sapphires are associated with protection from evil. They are said to protect against all types of evil, including curses and hexes. When you wear yellow sapphire, these evil beings cannot harm you because they can’t see the stone or read your aura. They also can’t get close to you because they will feel the heat of the stone at all times.

Because yellow sapphires are considered talismans of good fortune and a symbol of happiness and prosperity, they are worn by people who want to receive more of these qualities in their lives.

Wearing Pushkaraj stone is important for protection against accidents and disasters. If you wear this stone while driving or operating machinery, it will keep you safe from accidents caused by human error or mechanical malfunction. It will also keep your car or machine running well so that it doesn’t break down on the road (there are plenty of people who have been killed by broken-down cars).

Also, the yellow sapphire protects against illness and disease in general—it makes sure that no diseases can take hold inside of your body even if they somehow manage to get past the protective barrier around your aura (which is very powerful).

Brings Success and Happiness to Your Life

Yellow is the color of growth, so wearing a yellow sapphire will help you grow as an individual. Yellow is also linked with fire, which means that wearing it will help you keep your energy levels up and make sure that your body stays healthy.

Yellow sapphires are believed to be lucky because they are associated with the element of fire, which symbolizes passion, courage, creativity, and passion. The color was chosen by ancient Egyptians as a symbol of life because it represents youth and fertility as well as growth and prosperity.

Yellow sapphire is a very lucky stone, and it can help you to become more successful in all of your endeavors whether they are professional or personal. You will have more confidence when wearing it and feel like you have the tools needed to take on any new challenge that comes your way.

Makes You Compassionate

The energy of yellow sapphire helps you to be more compassionate towards other people, animals, and even plants. There are many ways that wearing this gemstone will help you grow as a person. You may find yourself becoming more patient or understanding towards others which could lead to better relationships with loved ones or strangers alike!

Wearing yellow sapphires is a great way to bring good fortune into your life. It’s not just about the color of the stone, but also about how it relates to your birth date and sun sign.

Yellow sapphires are usually associated with the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. This planet is associated with abundance and fertility, so wearing a yellow sapphire is said to bring good fortune to those born under the influence of this planet (it’s also called “Venus’ stone”).

Hanuman Mobile Wallpaper HD

Hanuman Glowing Mobile

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped deities among Hindus. His temples and pictures can be found in all the corners of the world where Hindus live. His blessings are so vital and also powerful that the grieve circumstances in any person’s life can vanish very fast and bring him peace and prosperity. Devotees of Lord Hanuman are known as Hanuman Bhakta. Lord Hanuman is considered a lifelong Brahmachari. It is believed that He has taken the vow to celibate throughout His life and to remain an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Hence, Lord Hanuman is the most significant deities for those who have taken the vow of celibacy especially among male devotees.

Lord Hanuman is also known as MahaviraBajrangbaliAnjaneya (आञ्जनेय), Pawan PutraAnjaniputraKesari Nandan and Maruti (मारुति).

Please find beautiful Hanuman Mobile Wallpaper HD and download them for setting up mobile background.

Hanuman Mobile Wallpaper HD

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Hanuman Chalisa | Lord Hanuman Mobile Wallpaper

Lanka Dahan – A lesson that one burns in the fire of his own arrogance

Hanuman Lanka Dahan

Lanka Dahan: It is a well-known saying that what we give and do what we get back in return. It is hence necessary to be good so that if anything has to come back in return for the same, it will be good. However, one behaves in an opposite way, the result too is unfavourable. The Ramayan is the perfect illustration of these two aspects in the form of Shri Ram and Ravan. While Shri Ram worked his way to do good and came to be known as the Maryada Purushottam, Ravan was quite the opposite that his arrogant behaviour only led to the end of the entire clan.

Flying Hanuman Ji Wallpaper

When Ravan abducted Mata Sita and kept her captive in his golden Lanka, little did he knew that Mata Sita’s grief would burn down Lanka one day. The moment a grief stricken Mata Sita had entered Lanka as a captive, the countdown for the glory of Lanka had begun and it took shape through Lanka Dahan by Hanuman. But, the real fact here is Lanka burnt in its own fire which was because of the arrogance of Ravan.

As Shri Ram’s messenger, Hanuman gives an example of what happens when the virtuous man like Shri Ram is troubled. A virtuous person is never afraid to face the consequences and faces them daringly, instead of escaping from them. Being as virtuous as Shri Ram, Hanuman does the same once his job of meeting Mata Sita is completed successfully.

He becomes a captive to Indrajeet by his own will as he wanted to create the first fear of Shri Ram in Ravan’s mind. In Ravan’s court, Hanuman advises Ravan on returning back Mata Sita with honour and save his life and clan, but Ravan is blind to good counsel in his arrogance. He brags about his boons from Brahma ji and Bhagwan Shiv not realising that their boons won’t be of help to him on a path of Adharma. Adding fuel to the fire, he orders Hanuman’s tail to be put to fire and tries to insult the noble one by parading him in the streets of Lanka.

Hanuman destroys the Ashok Vatika to assess the strength of the enemy and strike the first blow on the enemy. He was single handed, but enough for the unjust demons. With immense faith of Shri Ram and using his might, he sends a message to Ravan that his warriors were not fighting a mere monkey, but one of the Ekadasa Rudras.

A person blinded with arrogance is blinded to the consequences of the actions too. Hanuman while roaming in the golden city notices all the important places of Lanka and decides to burn them all. Once the tail is put to fire, Hanuman starts to burn the golden city known for its magnificence and prosperity. Including Ravan’s palace which resembled the Mount Meru, the entire Lanka burns to the pride of Ravan who could not differentiate between right and wrong. The only house which Hanuman spares is that of Vibhishan who was saved for his righteous conduct.

Lanka Dahan Art

Lanka Dahan is a lesson of what should be avoided in life lest there is no life left. Hanuman demonstrates to Ravan that it was Ravan’s own arrogance that he underestimated the power of Shri Ram and was blinded to ego. When arrogance reaches its peak, it perishes in a fire lit by its own deeds.

Hanuman Ji Burning Lanka