Parashurama Jayanti


Parashurama Jayanti

Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated as birth anniversary of sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It falls during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha. It is believed that Parashurama was born during Pradosh Kala and hence the day when Tritiya prevails during Pradosh Kala is considered for Parashurama Jayanti celebrations. The purpose of the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is to relieve the Earth’s burden by exterminating the sinful, destructive and irreligious monarchs that pillaged its resources and neglected their duties as kings.

Devam naumi ramapathim ranapatum baswath kireedanchitham,
Kodandam sasaram karena dadhtatham vamena chanyena cha,
Aartha thrana patum kutaramasatham kandacchidam bhasuram,
Smasru prasphurithananam surathanum ramam sada saswatham ||

According to Hindu belief unlike all other avatars Parashurama still lives on the Earth. Therefore, unlike Rama and Krishna, Parashurama is not worshipped. In South India, at the holy place Pajaka near Udupi, one major temple exists which commemorates Parashurama. There are many temples at the western coast of India which are dedicated to Lord Parashurama.

The Kalki Purana states that Parashurama will be the martial guru of Shri Kalki, the 10th and final Avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is not the first time that 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu will meet another Avatar. According to Ramayana, Parashurama came to the betrothal ceremony of Sita and Lord Rama and met the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The day of Parashurama Jayanti is a highly auspicious day and Akshaya Tritiya is observed on the day.


Lord Parashurama

Parashu means axe and Parashurama – the axe wielding Rama. The sole aim of his incarnation was to get rid of the corrupt ruling class and restore Dharma on earth.

Parshuram was considered as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and it is said that, he was the sixth one. Parshuram is considered and given a status of being god as he was the sixth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. His life revolves around his great fighting skills and true devotion towards the god. On the other hand there are various stories that are related to Parshuram.

He was true devotee of his parents and used to accept every order of his parents. One very sad day, his father whose name was Jamadagni, got angry at his wife Renuka for some matter. In his anger mind, he lost his control over the sayings and he ordered Parshuram to kill his mother. Although Parshuram was in a state of utter confusion, but since he always considered the order of his parents above everything, he killed his mother. But somehow, Parshuram was able to get and bring back the life of his mother and that is how he proved to be true followers of his parents.

One another famous story is that, one day Parshuram was going to meet the lord Shiva. But already lord Shiva told his sons, karthikeyan and Lord Ganesha to see that no one disturbs him. As both of them were guarding the route, Parshuram appeared in front them. As he moved his step forward, he was stopped by the lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeyan. Since Parshuram was not aware about these two, he got angry at them saying that, who they are to stop him from meeting Lord Shiva. After long quarrel, Parshuram was so angry that he drew his weapon and used on the Ganesha. Since Ganesha knew that, this weapon is given to Lord Parshuram by the Lord Shiva, he in order to keep respect and name of his father, let Parshuram attack him. In this attack, Ganesha got hit by Parshuram weapon on his teeth. Due to this, a small part of lord Ganesha tooth got broken.


The pain voice of lord Ganesha was heard by the goddesses Parvati and due to anger she was changed to Shakti. She then pledged to Kill Parshuram. But soon Lord Shiva came and they told Maa Shakti not to kill Parshuram as he considers Parshuram as one of his son. After seeing this all Parshuram asked for his forgiveness from the Maa Shakti and also apologies in front of the lord Ganesha.

One another story says that, His father and Kama Dhenu cow was killed by the king Kartavirya Sahashrarjun who was a Kshatriya. So from that day, Parshuram pleaded to kill every kshatriya. As this created terror among kshatriyas, Kashyap Muni intervened and told Parshuram to stop his anger and told him to leave this world.

Lord Parshuram has always been worshipped by people for his great valor and fighting skills.

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