Ramayana Part-3 Dasharatha Promise (1)

Ramayana Part-3 : Dasharatha’s Promise

Ayodhya was profusely decorated with a view to welcoming all the new-weds-princes and their brides. Merriment and rejoicings went on for about a month....
Ramayana Part-2 Swayamvar (1)

Ramayana Part-2 : Swayamvar

At a short distance from the boundaries of Ayodya, there was a forest in which was situated sage Vishwamitra’s hermitage. There the sage used...

Ramayana Part-1 : Childhood

Long, long ago, there was a king named Dashrath in India. He had his capital at Ayodhya. He was a brave but God-fearing ruler...
Ramayan vs GOT

Ramayan vs Game of Thrones

Sunday mornings were never the same after the first episode of Ramayan aired on television. The serial that brought the nation to a standstill,...
Ramayana war

The Superheroes of Ramayana

Ramayana is one of the greatest Indian epic ever written in the history of mankind. It relates the life, activities, trials and achievements of...

Vijaya Dashami : Dussehra

Across India, the tenth day is celebrated as a day of victory; it known equally as Vijaya Dashami or Dusshera. It is a day that...

Happy Raksha Bandhan: Hindi Wishes

The time is here again where brothers and sisters all across the world reunite, to celebrate their bond of love and beauty. The most...

Dussehra : The Triumph of Good over Evil

India is a land of diverse culture and traditions as it has many religions that people follow. Festivals and celebrations are at the heart...

Who wants to be Ravan?

I happened to come across this rather funny advertisement about Dussehra and brand Ravan.Wow, People wanting to be Rama are passe, move aside folks,...
eng vs doc

Engineer Vs Doctor

An Engineer was unemployed for a long time. He could not find a job so he opened a medical clinic and puts a sign...