Happy new year

Happy New Year Wallpapers

New Year wallpapers which brings a fresh ray of hope for the next year. New Year is the first day of the year which comes...
Gayatri Mata Wallpaper

108 Names of Gayatri Maa : गायत्री मा के १०८ नाम

Gayatri Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotra – the hymn of a hundred and eight names – The Gayatri Sahasranama Stotra.  108 names of Gayatri, which are collectively known...
Ganesh Stuti

Ganesh Stuti : गणेश स्तुति

Lord Ganesha is known to be the remover of obstacles and, therefore, his name is generally recited before undertaking any task or at the...
varnish Device

Varnish Cache Based on Device Type

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. Varnish Cache allows you to cache server request efficiently and improve...

WordPress Varnish Setup

1. Windows DNS Tweaks Chrome DNS cleanup chrome://net-internals/#dns Windows Pointing Windows Overriding to point to Different name-server/VPS to test C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts Clear Windows DNS Cache ipconfig /flushdns 2. Wordpress...

Ramayana The Epic Hanuman

Beautiful Art Hanuman Carrying Ram @Shaatish Rajendran Ramayana The Epic Hanuman

Bahubali Hanuman

@Madhaw Bauri Hanuman is a very popular Monkey-God. He can be seen in many Indian temples. He is the God of power and strength. He...

Hanuman The Indian god

Very beautiful painting of Hanuman The Indian god   Hanuman The Indian god by Shravan Kumar

Thrichittatt Maha Vishnu Temple, Chengannur, Kerala

The Mahavishnu Temple, Thrichittatt, Chengannoor is one of the five Vishnu temples associated with the five Pandava brothers, the principal characters of the Mahabharata. It...

Ganesha Altar at the Edge of Mt. Bromo Crater

Ganesha Altar at the Edge of Mt. Bromo Crater Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia