Mantra Calligraphy


Sanskrit calligraphy is a direct way of invoking energies and realities. Words are powerful. Uttering them is one way of invoking these realities.

Mantras (sanskrit formulas) have been used as invocations for thousands of years. These mantras are sung in the form of bhajans and khirtans (two forms of singing). They are used as well for meditation.

Writing calligraphies works in the same way. For instance when you write the word:

shantih - Mantra Calligraphy



this is the quality you invoke in and around you.fb7d986009530e16778cd6263af20d6f - Mantra Calligraphy

9ba574ea655bb42b39c2f186902496d7 - Mantra Calligraphy

10988608f82d0d32b8c428cd4a323d59 - Mantra Calligraphy

7f328efb715bdd6c24c892a888839a43 - Mantra Calligraphy

e4e7cb56bc7aa9c1094bd5b6589b2330 - Mantra Calligraphy

41e11f9d32d478443a2f6cc2d5940a8c - Mantra Calligraphy

86e144e33be5614433a5ba9277680784 - Mantra Calligraphy

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