5 Tempting Rakhis to Gladden Your Affectionate Bro!!


One of the most awaited festivals of India. Raksha Bandhan is falling on August 18 in 2016. This pious occasion is devoted to the eternal and most loving bond between a brother and sister. It is a carnival of Rakhi thread, sweets, and gifts, get together, and lot of joy and happiness everywhere. Sisters all across India start Rakhi shopping many days before the day of occasion and market places are jam packed during these days.

Compilation of premium Rakhi types from this collection, which are as:

Designer Rakhi

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If you need not to look upon budget to get a special Rakhi for your loving brother, get a stunning designer Rakhi for him. Designer Rakhi is positively unique type of Rakhi which would certainly be conspicuous on your brother’s wrist. These premium Rakhis are exceptional in terms of designs, appearance and availability.

Sandalwood Rakhi

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Sandalwood Rakhi or Chandan Rakhi is a traditional type of Rakhi which is quite popular. These Rakhi are mad of genuine Sandalwood pieces crafted in shapes of beads or other attractive shapes to embellish the base of Rakhi. At times sandalwood is crafted in shapes of many deities such as Ganesha, Laxmi, Shiva or other consecrated  symbols such as Om and Swastika. These Rakhis are cherished for their spectacular ethnic appearance and natural pleasant aroma.

Silver Rakhi

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Silver is a glossy metal known for its calming effects. A sacred rakhi made of silver is recognized for its attractiveness & peaceful sentiments emotionally involved to it. An ideal combination of conventional and contemporary zest, Rakhi not remain as a pious thread but later it will become a stunning piece of jewelry for a brother by his sister.

Golden Rakhi

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Tying a rakhi thread on your brother’s wrist not only an ordinary thread, but it is a thread of love, delight and royalty too. Gold signifies grace and royalty that come out of a rakhi made from this precious metal. Golden Rakhi marvelously designed out of gold can also be a thoughtful gift for brother. Gold Coin Rakhi, Golden Bracelet Rakhi, Rakhi with Golden Chain and many more alluring Rakhis comes under Golden Rakhi.

Fancy Rakhi

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Fancy Rakhis are gaining enormous popularity Rakhis these days. The alluring adornment, bead work, pearls, stones, gems, diamonds and other ornamental items used in such Rakhis have given an eye-catching appearance to these Rakhis.   A fine array of fancy Rakhis in plenty of designs as well as colors combinations available in the market, choose a best fancy Rakhi for your dearly loved brother and let it compliment your brother’s wrist.

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