108 NAMES OF Lord Bhairav : भगवान भैरव के १०८ नाम



108 NAMES OF LORD Bhairav: भगवान भैरव के १०८ नाम

Bhairav Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotra
– the hymn of a hundred and eight names –

Ashtottara Shatanam means hundred and eight(Shatanam ) names (nama), andAshtottaraShatanamavali Stotra is a hymn eulogizing the Lord by recounting one hundred of His names. As the various sects of Hindu-tradition (Shaivism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism) grew and spread, it must have become extremely popular to write hymns of a hundred names for the primary Deity of worship. The Bhairav Sahasranama Stotra.  108 names of Bhairav, which are collectively known as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Bhairav.

108 NAMES OF Lord Bhairav In HINDI

108 names of Bhairav


108 NAMES OF Lord Bhairav In English

1. Om Bhairavaaya namaha

2. Om Bhuutanaathaaya namaha

3. Om Bhritaatmane namaha

4. Om Bhuutabhaavanaaya namaha

5. Om Kshetragyaaya namaha

6. Om Kshetrapaalaaya namaha

7. Om Kshetradaaya namaha

8. Om Kshatriyaaya namaha

9. Om Viraaje namaha

10. Om Shmashaanavaasine namaha

11. Om Maamsaashine namaha

12. Om Kharvaroshine namaha

13. Om Smarantakaaya namaha

14. Om Raktapaaya namaha

15. Om Paanayaaya namaha

16. Om Siddhaaya namaha

17. Om Siddhidaaya namaha

18. Om Siddhisevitaaya namaha

19. Om Kankaalaaya namaha

20. Om Kalaashamanaaya namaha

21. Om Kalaakaashtaaya namaha

22. Om Tanaye namaha

23. Om Kavaye namaha

24. Om Trinetraaya namaha

25. Om Bahunetraaya namaha

26. Om Pigala-lochanaaya namaha

27. Om Shuulapaanaye namaha

28. Om Khadgapaanaye namaha

29. Om Kapaaline namaha

30. Om Dhuumralochanaaya namaha

31. Om Abhirave namaha

32. Om Bhauraviinaathaaya namaha

33. Om Bhuutapaaya namaha

34. Om Yoginiipataye namaha

35. Om Dhanadaaya namaha

36. Om Dhanahaarine namaha

37. Om Dhanavate namaha

38. Om Priitivardhanaaya namaha

39. Om Naagahaaraaya namaha

40. Om Naagapaashaaya namaha

41. Om Vyomakeshaaya namaha

42. Om Kapaalabhrite namaha

43. Om Kaalaaya namaha

44. Om Kapaalamaaline namaha

45. Om Kamaniiyaaya namaha

46. Om Kalaanidhaye namaha

47. Om Trilochanaaya namaha

48. Om Jvalannetraaya namaha

49. Om Trishikhine namaha

50. Om Trilokashaaya namaha

51. Om Trinetrataapaaya namaha

52. Om Dibhaaya namaha

53. Om Shaantaaya namaha

54. Om Shaantajanapriyaaya namaha

55. Om Batukaaya namaha

56. Om Batuveshaaya namaha

57. Om Khatvaangadhaarakaaya namaha

58. Om Yanaadhyakshaaya namaha

59. Om Pashupataye namaha

60. Om Bhikshukaaya namaha

61. Om Parichaarakaaya namaha

62. Om Dhuurtaaya namaha

63. Om Digambaraaya namaha

64. Om SHuuraaya namaha

65. Om Harine namaha

66. Om Paandulochanaaya namaha

67. Om Prashaantaaya namaha

68. Om Shaantidaaya namaha

69. Om Siddhaaya namaha

70. Om Shankarapriyabaandhavaaya namaha

71. Om Ashtamuurtaye namaha

72. Om Nidhiishaaya namaha

73. Om Gyaanachakshushe namaha

74. Om Tapomadaaya namaha

75. Om Ashtaadhaaraaya namaha

76. Om Shadaadhaaraaya namaha

77. Om Sarpayuktaaya namaha

78. Om Shikhisakhaaya namaha

79. Om Bhuudharaaya namaha

80. Om Bhuudharaadhiishaaya namaha

81. Om Bhuupataye namaha

82. Om Bhuudharaatmagyaaya namaha

83. Om Kankaaladhaarine namaha

84. Om Mundine namaha

85. Om Naagayagyopavitavate namaha

86. Om Jribhbhanaaya namaha

87. Om Mohanaaya namaha

88. Om Stambhine namaha

89. Om Maranaaya namaha

90. Om Kshobhanaaya namaha

91. Om Shuddhaniilaamjanaprakhyaaya namaha

92. Om Dvityaghne namaha

93. Om Mundabhuushitaaya namaha

94. Om Balibhuuje namaha

95. Om Balibhunanaathaaya namaha

96. Om Baalaaya namaha

97. Om Baalaparaakramaaya namaha

98. Om Sarvaapattaaranaaya namaha

99. Om Durgaaya namaha

100. Om Dushta Bhuutanishevitaaya namaha

101. Om Kaamine namaha

102. Om Kalaanidhaye namaha

103. Om Kaantaaya namaha

104. Om Kaaminiivashakridvashine namaha

105. Om Sarvasiddhipadaaya namaha

106. Om Vaidyaaya namaha

107. Om Prabhave namaha

108. Om Vishnave namaha

Bhairav is a fierce form of Siva, some say he is connected to the Southern face. He relates to the Mahavidya goddess named Bhairavi who gives Lagna shuddhi (purification of the Ascendant


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